Shmuel Ben-Zvi has been the Director of Israel Radio International since 1991. His department is responsible for 13 language sections: Western - English, French, Spanish and Ladino; CIS – Russian, Bukharian and Georgian; New immigrants - Amharic, Tigrenga, Hungarian, Mugrabi, Romanian and Yiddish. Programs for overseas audiences are broadcast on short wave, for new immigrants on the REQA network, while the English news is broadcast on Reshet Aleph – first radio network. The total daily airtime is 17 hours.


Shmuel Ben-Zvi was born in Vilnius in 1948 and immigrated to Israel in 1971.  His career in broadcasting began at Kol Israel in 1972 when he joined the Russian language section. In 1989, he left for two years to head the Jewish Agency office in Vienna and then in Moscow, returning in 1991.


Ben-Zvi has led an active professional life. He served a term as Secretary-General of the Public Council for Soviet Jewry from 1988-89. He was also advisor on Soviet Jewry to the President of Bnei Brith and for many years served as the executive director of “Anahnu Kan” (“We Are Here”), a folk ensemble that emigrated from Lithuania.


Currently Ben-Zvi also presents “Kaleidoscope”, a popular program that airs on Channel One of Israel T.V.


Contact details:

Shmuel Ben-Zvi, Director - Israel Radio International 

POB 1082,  Jerusalem 91010, Israel.


Tel. +972 2 624 8715    Fax + 972 2 530 2327