Department of Broadcasting

POB 17,



Director of Broadcasting: Dr M Solieli (Soloweitchik)

In charge of stations Miss Rita Persitz, Mr Karel Salomon, Dr Y.Spira


Jerusalem 804 kc/s 373 meters 400 Watts

Jerusalem 575 kc/s 522 meters 400 Watts

Tel-Aviv 651.6 kc/s 460 meters 800 Watts

Tel-Aviv 6830 kc/s 43.99 meters 2500 Watts

Haifa 8170 kc/s 36.70 meters 250 Watts (for improvement of local reception only)

Tel-Aviv 9000 kc/s 33.3 meters 7500 Watts* temporary station for test purpose - special transmissions for new emigrants only

FM Transmitters of 250 Watts are links between main Stations only

Tel-Aviv 90.3 mc/s and 91.3 mc/s

Jerusalem 88.3 mc/s and 89.3 mc/s

New Wavelengths will be used after March 1950

Jerusalem I 737 kc/s 20 kW

Jerusalem II 1025 kc/s 20 kW

Haifa 1205 kc/s 5 kW


0545-0800 0930-1415 1500-2230

0545 Morning Prayer

0615 Music

0700 News in Hebrew (Saturday at 0715)

0730 Arabic programme

0800 Close down Monday to Friday

0800 Turkish programme on Sundays, Music programme on Saturdays

0930 Music

1130 Programme for Hospitals

1200 Forces' Programme

1230 News in Hebrew

1245 Housewife's Corner

1300 News in English

1315 Arabic Programme

1400 News in French

1500 Music

1630 Music. Separate programme in Jerusalem including Children's Corner

1700 News in Hebrew

1715 Talk

1730 Children's Corner (separate programme in Jerusalem)

1800 Talk

1815 Arabic programme

1845 Bible Reading and Commentary

Programme on 43.9 meters only for reception overseas:

1900 News in Turkish on Tuesdays and Fridays, News in Persian on Mondays and Thursdays

On 33.3 meters only (Forces Programme) programmes for new immigrants

1900 In Yiddish on Sundays and Wednesdays, Ladino at 1920, French at 1940-2000

1930 News in Hebrew

1945 Political Commentary, on Friday: Drama

2000 Music, Lectures and Features (see below)

2115 News in Yiddish for the Diaspora

2130 News in English

2145 Music

2200 News Summary in Hebrew

2205 Music

2220 News in Hebrew at dictation speed

Highlights of Programmes:

Sundays: Relays from public Concerts or Opera

Mondays: Soloists (at 2010)

Tuesdays: Symphony Concert by the Jerusalem Broadcasting Orchestra

Fridays: Recorded Symphony Concert (at 2010)

Saturdays: "Farewell to Queen Sabbath". (The time of this programme, as well as "Welcome to the Sabbath" at present Fridays at 1530, changes throughout the year, according to the time of Sunset).

Special Features on Saturdays afternoons:

1500 Recorded Opera

1600 Contemporary Music

With the introduction of Wintertime, evening transmissions are likely to be 30 minutes later, other transmissions partly 60 minutes later partly unchanged. The changes will be announced in the News Bulletins during the last week of October.